News - Winter 2020

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AU Kids Magazine


It was a pleasure to be featured in the recent edition of AU Kids Magazine. I hope that this article, which will be sent directly to families living with Autism via the magazine, will offer some hope and inspiration.


Full article can be read via




African Revivial


One of the many perks of my job is the ability to shine a spotlight on the charities and causes close to my heart, and in some cases, serve as an ambassador. Earlier this year I was honoured to be appointed as the first ambassador for African Revival, a charity which works to improve education opportunities and infrastructure in Africa.

It has been a challenging year for many charities, including African Revival, and opportunities to work closely with them have been limited due to Covid-19, but the charity and their amazing partners have still managed to complete multiple life-changing projects, and I wanted to highlight that, as it has been challenging, but the team have not taken no for an answer, and because of that fortitude, lives across Africa have been improved.


I am looking forward to working alongside the team in 2021 to continue raising awareness of their vital work.

December 22, 2020