Monthly Journal - October 2020

This months journal is a few days late, because I have been involved in a wonderful weekend-long event with WWF. The Youth Changemakers Convention 2020, a first of its kind event, brought together 500 of the worlds most active and inspirational young change makers to share ideas, connect, and celebrate the launch of Sir David Attenborough’s new film — A Life On Our Planet — which launched world-wide on Netflix on Sunday, October 4th.


The event was supposed to take place in London, and we were mean’t to meet and share ideas in person, but Covid-19 changed those plans, and WWF acted swiftly to ensure that the show went on — and what a show it was. The climate crisis we all face can often be a heavy and scary reality, but this Convention gave me a sense of hope, a sense that the next generation can and will turn the tide on climate change; they are so determined and so hungry to force change, and when we all stand-up and demand something, that is when it happens.


It was, of course, a privilege to address the convention on Saturday afternoon, and present a range of my work, but by far the biggest privilege of the weekend was to listen to so many amazing young people speak so passionately about the world we call home. Congratulations to all involved for setting up such a powerful event.



If you haven't already, then please do watch the new film — it is a haunting, heart-breaking look at the current state of our planet, and a hope filled assessment of what we must do, now, to turn it around, before it’s too late. It is, without doubt, the most important film of our lifetime — a film that posses the power to change minds and engage hearts. Please show it to everyone, and watch by clicking on the above picture.

October 1, 2020